The plot of the film revolves around Ullas (Hero Sunil), a lazy guy who decides to marry a disabled woman, Simran because of her wealth. But when a better proposal comes from an Indo-American Telugu woman Laya, he shifted to marry her. Later Ullas comes to know that Laya is a chronic alcoholic. In time, Ullas falls in love with his alcoholic wife, and the call of a husband makes him care for Laya even in troubles. Later Laya finds out about Ullas that he married her because of her money. This leads to a divorce case. Initially Ullas requests the US court, citing his wife is an alcoholic and she needs treatment and that the divorce case is resistance towards it. Laya gets treated through a de-addiction center as per US court orders but Laya is not ready to understand the love of Ullas. This makes
Ullas goes with the divorce process to help Laya as per the advice of the Laya’s doctor. Ullas returns and decides to marry Simran. Later Laya realizes about the role of Ullas for her wellness, through certain unexpected turn of events they become together again.